Wilderness Experience arranges tours, treks, and climbing expeditions in Tibet. Tibet has long been known as the "Roof of the World''. It was opened to tourism in 1985. Since Tibet was governed by spiritual leaders, monasteries and institutions were the backbone of power and the importance and prestige were shown by the size and magnificent architecture of these buildings.

Come to Tibet with Wilderness Experience and have your dreams come true through the adventure of a lifetime. Welcome to a hidden world, a land of mystery.


Tibet is not as cold as most people imagine. Generally, it is cold at night but warm and sunny during the day. Spring comes at the end of April. Summer temperatures are pleasantly warm at midday and drop dramatically in the shade and at night. The rainy season begins, in midsummer and continues for two months. Autumn is clear, with the cold gradually increasing until December. Winter weather is always cold with fierce winds. Winter in western Tibet is much colder and drier.


Good clothing and sturdy shoes are essential, Windproof down jackets and thermal underwear are necessary for trekking. Sunglasses, sun cream, Lip-salve, a cap to protect you from the sun, a good penknife and a torch. Trekkers should have binoculars and a woolen scarf and gloves. Basic first-aid equipment is always useful. Lozenges for sore throats are especially necessary. Dried foods that are rich in vitamins and protein are the most valuable supplements you can bring with you